There Are 700,000 Orphans In Argentina Who Need Our Program, Contribute Today And Help Make This Possible



An international philanthropic organization you can join and be proud of. Poverty eradication is in your reach as we empower whole generations of orphans through skill-based education, therapies, mentorship, discipleship, job training and placement. Join the movement, our family of change makers. 


Humanity Del Sol has helped over 110 orphaned children and youth 

You too can help us provide children with a full life-cycle, hands-on approach to help them meet their full potential. You are they key to their future. You can help eradicate poverty and end vicious generational cycles. 

Children are empowered to discover their ‘Why’. They learn financial literacy, etiquette, interview skills, industry specific technical application and English. They actively participate in internships and are then placed into quality career paths. 

We equip them with opportunities, tools and love changing the trajectory of their lives and the lives of generations to follow.


Argentina has over 700,000 children than have been orphaned and marginalised

We believe 100% in making people independent. Our goal is to teach people how to fish, not to give them fish. We seek to empower, equip and encourage youth, giving them independence through career based education; acquiring the skills for gainful employment and eliminating the reliance on charity. Increasing opportunities and their prosperity. 

We are an international philanthropic organization dedicated to generational change. 



Therapy for Extreme Trauma; Preparation for An Independent Healthy Life

Nearly all the orphaned children and  youth we develop, come from extreme high trauma backgrounds. An overarching theme throughout our program is to prepare and support our youth to go out into the world and be successful lights of change and remove barriers that hinder them from flourishing. Therapy is a necessary aspect to full rehabilitation. 

Varied therapies, such as music, play, sensory, art and coping-skills contribute to the highly effective and successful transformations from childhood abandonment. 


Empowering youth through career based skill training 

The Livelihood (Skill-based; Career-based) Education -Beta Program works with the Youth-In-Transition (YIT) 18 - 24 years old. Our program is designed for flexibility, based on in-the-field training, lecture learning, metrics growth and one-on-one professional mentors. 

The chosen industries are selected specifically to avoid direct impact by the government or economic inhibitors.Tourism, Hospitality, Wine Production, Gastronomy, Accessory Design and Digital Marketing all provide solutions to ending generational poverty and eliminating the barriers for this sector to flourish. 


The love Of Christ Transforms Lives

Each child is paired up with a private mentor of the same gender. Our mentors, who are rooted in the Holy Spirit and understand mercy, grace, compassion, and love become an integral aspect to the children’s lives. 

They share this love in a non obtrusive and genuine way. The mentors, disciple our children in practice and necessary ways such as Goal Setting and Bill Paying. They encourage their child to love themselves and own their value. They instill in them belief that their worth far exceeds their past.


Breaking Dangerous Generational Cycles for Good

Our program is a total solution for the lifecycles of the child. From orphanage playground to preparing grounds. We break the cycle of poverty, abuse, abandonment and slavery for generations! 

They are no longer orphans. They forever have a place within the Humanity Family.  They begin to see themselves as children of Christ Jesus and God Himself. From orphans to sons and daughters. 

Words From Our Founder


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"Slowly but surely, one child at a time, we will change the trajectory of a generation..

and rebuild cities that were left for ruin"

Mariagrazia Lauricella - Founder


From A Shell To Overflowing Joy

“The program helped me with the food, the house the furniture I need for my home and with the money needed for the rent as well. They make me feel that I can do things I never thought I could do. They helped me to take care of my home, my son and myself. I feel confident that I can raise my son” Daiana

"If I could speak face to face with the donors who helped change my life, I would say thank you a thousand times and I would hug them, all of you and I would cry as there is only gratitude in my heart. 

Gratitude first to God for having them help me, thanks for the efforts and the actions, because they are concerned about me. As I grew up in a children's home I thought I had no future and now I believe I have a future, a great future. Thanks to all of you, because, all of you do an important part and everything adds up." Diana - HDS Student


We provide our children with five disciplines to choose from: Tourism, Event Planning, Agriculture: Wine & Gastronomy, Furniture Making, and Product Development: Sewing & Artisan Fare -- disciplines that are not influenced by national politics or economies.


We work alongside supporting organizations who provide assistance with children and youth who come from trauma and adversity. We provide financial and material support to these other remarkable organizations. 


We work alongside supporting organizations who provide assistance with children and youth who come from trauma and adversity. We provide financial and material support to these other remarkable organizations. 

Even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference within a child's life, we work to empower some of the most underprivileged children in the world, and teach them to fish. Humanity Del Sol believes in hand ups not hand outs.

Parapente Mendoza

Chef Johanna Borsi

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Humanity Del Sol, Inc

We are a USA Federally Accredited 501 C(3) organization that stands to break the cycle of abuse, slavery, abandonment, and poverty. By contributing measurably through the creation of high-impact, solution-based education and therapies programs for children and young people, we bridge together fragmented communities. Our projects are rooted in love and community involvement by way of informal and livelihoods education. We also support non-traditional therapy and ongoing mentoring. Our mission is rooted in the biblical call stated in Isaiah 61:4

What types of projects does Humanity Del Sol do?

Humanity Del Sol projects may be grouped into three areas: 1) Short-term emergency relief -- such as providing food, shelter and medical care to children and youth in severe circumstance; 2) Long-term sustainable community development focusing on helping youth rise up to become lights within their community, meeting the needs and equipping them through education and therapy, and empowering them through one-on-one discipleship and coaching and 3) Working with policymakers and the public at the national, regional and global levels to build awareness of poverty, abuse, and abandonment, and to address the ways in which cycles can be broken.

Is being or becoming a Christian a prerequisite for receiving help? 

While our mission is rooted in the biblical call stated in Isaiah 61:4, we do not require families or children to be a Christian to receive help. We also do not require our donors to share our faith. However, we are confident that through our work, everyone involved will see the light of God’s love.

Is Humanity Del Sol formally tied to or a subsidiary of any other entity?

Humanity Del Sol is not affiliated with any other subsidiaries or entities, but we do work with other non-profits to provide the greatest impact.

Is evangelism a part of Humanity Del Sol projects

While our mission is rooted in the biblical call stated in Isaiah 61:4, we do not require families or children to be a Christian to receive help. We also do not require our donors to share our faith. However, we are confident that through our work, everyone involved will see the light of God’s love.

If Humanity Del Sol Isn't A Religious Organization, Why Are There Biblical References Throughout Your Website

Although the organization is not legally a religious organization, our founder, Mariagrazia Lauricella, discovered her faith during the establishment of the organization and felt called by God to further specify her purpose and the mission of this organization. Therefore, you’ll find the scriptures that guide Mariagrazia, our team, and our mission throughout the organization’s content so that people are fully aware that this movement is not one of only a man’s design.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all donations including material, financial, and mission trips are 100% tax deductible. You will receive a receipt upon making a donation, and at the end of the year you’ll receive an annual giving statement that highlights your entire annual giving amounts and which programs you’ve impacted.

Do people living in program communities contribute to Humanity Del Sol programs

Communities are a major aspect to our work. Community participation is integral to transformational development. Community members always contribute and have a real sense of ownership, and have fully taken on the Humanity Family values. 

Do Humanity Del Sol projects create dependence on outside resources?

No, this is exactly what we seek to avoid. Our programs are designed to be sustainable with locally available resources, technology, materials and leadership. 

What Does "Child And Youth Focused" Mean?

Children and youth are the most vulnerable members of any community, so Humanity Del Sol programs are designed to have maximum impacts for this sector of society. We want to help equip and empower this segment, which will in turn affect the larger context of community.

How Long Has Humanity Del Sol Been In Operation?

Humanity Del Sol was founded in 2012 by the Mariagrazia Lauricella in response to the needs of Argentine orphans.

What percentage of my donation goes to program development?.

100% of your donation goes into the program development.


An Entire Generation Of Orphans Rose Up To Become The Change Agents For An Entire City...

A word from Mariagrazia Lauricella, Founder of Humanity Del Sol, Inc.

Seven years ago, I set out to create programs that would bridge the gap between businesses, the region we serve, and the children and youth who were abandoned, abused, and lived in poverty. 

In February of 2012, I was invited to meet the children of the Quinta Betel Children's Home in San Roque, Mendoza. The home's founder Dr. Charles Travis, allowed me to explore all of the options in which I could lend support using my art and tourism background.

You see, Quinta Betel (and eight others like it) is a home for children who are taken taken by the state due to high trauma situations. The children in this home, and others like it, are then left there by choice of the child’s family.

7 years ago we set out to create programs that would bridge the gap between business and the children 

and youth and of both, a given region and were abandoned, abused, and lived in poverty. 

Now in 2019 we’ve ‘broken ground’ right here in Mendoza, Argentina. I’m Mariagrazia Lauricella, the founder of Humanity Del Sol, Inc. a USA Federally accredited 501 c(3) Non-profit Organization. 

In February of 2012 I was invited by the founder of a children’s home in San Roque, Mendoza, Dr. Charles Travis. Invited to meet the children of the Quinta Betel children’s home, I was to explore all options in which I could lend support through my art and tourism background.

You see, Quinta Betel and 8 others like it, is a home where children are taken from the state away from their high trauma situation. The children in this home and others like it are then left there by choice of the child’s family

These Children Are Left As Orphans After Experiencing Severe Abuse, Molestation, And Other High Risk Situations

The Brutal Truth...

Through livelihood (skill-based) education and alternative therapies - including art, music, play, and sensory-- we change the trajectory of children's lives forever. We aim to be the effectual transformation that will rebuild the cities and the communities where we work; Eradicating poverty and ending childhood abandonment.

Our objective is to help and encourage children to dream again and to teach them how to attain those dreams. Our objective is to build their confidence so that they will be rooted in the truth of who they were created to be. Our goal is to tutor children profoundly, so that they will be equipped for employment. 

Your involvement will help them develop skills that can be translated across borders. Together with our Humanity Family, you will empower our children with recognition and the love they deserve.

We are here to help shape the future of marginalized children’s lives and increase community involvement for all who join this movement. We seek to increase employment for youth.

The business community will recognize our children as the light at the top of the hilltop. 



Together, we are reimagining the lives of an entire generation of abandoned youth. By empowering, equipping, and encouraging these youth through mentorship, skill-based education, and post-trauma therapy, we reinvent their future and the future of generations to come by increasing opportunities and their prosperity. Changing the landscape for a whole nation through the promotion of a forgot generation’s individual freedoms. We are removing barriers that hinder abandoned youth from flourishing.

We are here to rebuild and restore places and people that have been destroyed. We are renewing lives and cities that have been devastated for generations.

Isaiah 61:4

Humanity Serving Humans


How Your Contribution Serves Children, Youth, & Families Around The Globe